Mathijs Bettens

The script of the spot is written by me but I left the agency before the actual production.


Stort regen



Graphic Design



Broederlijk Delen

Farmers here are experiencing extreme droughts, which effects their soil, farming and their overall survival. Because rain means fertility and life. On the contrary drought isn’t something we face here in Belgium, where we constantly complain about our rainy weather.

Solution: What if we could donate our rainclouds to Burkina Faso and make something positive from our rain? By sending an actual raincloud emoji to 4666 every time it rains (or almost every time because it rains a lot) €1 will automatically be donated to Burkina Faso.

Because NGO’s don’t have a lot of production money flying around, I designed de prints myself and i had to do it with photo’s that were taken in Burkina Faso without me being there. That being said. We wanted to make them colourful and hopeful instead of traditional non-profit sadvertising. The raincloud above the people isn’t a bad thing, but gives them the power to exhale.